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Feel glamorous in our locally designed, one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories

From wedding accessories with pearls and feathers to chunky sterling and semi-precious stones, we have a collection from local designers to make you stand out.


Click an image below to see examples of the accessories we have in our boutique or visit us in Alameda to see the rest of our entire collection.

  • Caramel Tote by Hobo
    Caramel Tote - Hobo
  • Grey Cross Body by Hobo
    Grey Cross Body - Hobo
  • Chocolate Tote by Hobo
    Chocolate Tote - Hobo
  • Candice shoulder bag in Lilac by Hobo
    Candice shoulder bag in Lilac - Hobo
  • Lauren wallet in Mint by Hobo
    Lauren wallet in mint - Hobo
  • Perfume Oil by Kai
    Perfume Oil - Kai
  • Lingerie by Hanky Panky
    Lingerie - Hanky Panky
  • Flower Hairpiece Accessory by Happenstance
    Flower Hairpiece - Happenstance
  • Body Lotion by Kai
    Body Lotion - Kai
  • Mandy Pajamas by Yala
    Mandy Pajamas in Black - Yala
  • Luna Gown by Yala
    Luna Gown in Paradise - Yala
  • Mandy Gown by Yala
    Mandy Gown in Starlight - Yala
  • Nina Robe by Yala
    Nina Robe in Black - Yala
  • Seamless Bra by Coobie
    Seamless Bra in Sea Foam - Coobie
  • Cami by Coobie
    Cami in Camellia Pink - Coobie
  • Seamless Bra with Lace by Coobie
    Seamless Bra with Lace in Hot Pink - Coobie
  • Bamboo Classic Candle by Nest
    Bamboo Classic Cande - Nest
  • Beach Candle by Nest
    Beach Candle - Nest
  • Narcisse by Nest
    Narcisse Candle - Nest


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