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Whether you're relaxing with friends on a long weekend, or going out for a special dinner, we have hip and easy duds you'll never want to take off.

From slouchy cargos and your favorite soft tee, to stylish jeans and an Italian button-down, we have all you need to get you through your day looking sharp and feeling great.


Click an image below to see examples of the men's wear we have in our boutique or visit us in Alameda to see the rest of our entire collection.

  • Rift Jacket by Nau
    Rift Jacket - Nau
  • Number Ones by 7 Diamonds
    Number Ones - 7 Diamonds
  • Static Air by 7 Diamonds
    Static Air - 7 Diamonds
  • Valley Of Tomorrow by 7 Diamonds
    Valley Of Tomorrow - 7 Diamonds
  • One More Day by 7 Diamonds
    One More Day - 7 Diamonds
  • American Dream by 7 Diamonds
    American Dream - 7 Diamonds


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